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Last night’s dinner: Penne with Sausage

September 10, 2010


When I was doing my meal plan at the beginning of the week, I asked James what he wanted to eat, and he asked for this pasta again. I had actually planned to make it Wednesday night, and have the leftovers for dinner on Thursday. BUT!! Early Wednesday evening, right in the middle of my Fantasy Football (why do I always want to write Final Fantasy instead?) draft, I heard a loud explosion outside, and all of a sudden – a deafening silence. All of our power went out, and first things first, I had to call my brother and beg him to log onto the draft and act as my proxy. Actually, my team is probably ten times better than it would have been otherwise.

As 7pm and impending darkness crept up, James and I quickly realized that we have no flashlights or candles in the house (!!!), but remembered we did buy an LED lantern for a camping trip. Of course, we had to dig through our entire storage closet to actually find it, but it was a relief that we wouldn’t have to rely on our rapidly dying cell phones for light all night long!

Thankfully, power was restored at some point in the wee hours, and I woke up on Thursday to blinking clocks and random lights on all over the house. I hemmed and hawed all day over whether the sausage in the fridge would still be ok, but decided it just wasn’t worth the risk and ended up making a trip to the grocery store to pick up some more. On the bright side, I bought everything we’ll need to get us through Tuesday…and then we’re off to Baltimore on Wednesday!


Last night’s dinner: Chicken with Mustard Mascarpone Marsala Sauce

August 26, 2010

From last Wednesday…


Giada’s chicken with mustard mascarpone marsala sauce made its way back into my radar again because Hana emailed me recently to say that she had tried a dish that she just knew would be right up my alley. She obviously knows me so well – it was actually already one of my favorite recipes! After I read her email, I instantly started craving that delicious combination of mustard, mascarpone, and marsala (seriously – perfection!) and couldn’t wait to whip this up again. Believe me when I say I could have easily licked the plate clean!

Last night’s dinner: smoked salmon pasta

August 25, 2010


James’s parents recently came back from a trip to Alaska with lots of salmon (smoked and fresh) in tow. I used some of the former to make this easy smoked salmon pasta. It turned out great, although I was expecting the sauce to be a bit thicker. I may add a little more cream next time, or maybe some cream cheese!

So cheesy

April 7, 2010

This is the first time I’ve made macaroni and cheese when it hasn’t come from a box! I used Martha’s Creamy Macaroni-and-Cheese recipe.




So decadent! The lovely aroma of all that cheese wafting through the kitchen made me determined to find something healthy to put on the side. The only vegetables I had left in the fridge were 1/2 of a cucumber, a red pepper, and red onion. I chopped them all up, and drizzled with some red wine vinaigrette.


Dinner is served!


The best part is that there are plenty of leftovers for my lunch tomorrow, and probably another meal after that. The word on the street is that the creamy cheesiness reheats well – can’t wait to see for myself!

Left over

March 24, 2010

So I had a few slices of the pork tenderloin from last night, and a handful of pasta left from the chicken marsala night. I tossed the noodles in a pan with some butter and garlic, threw in the pork (cubed), diced up a tomato, and added a splash of balsamic vinegar and some salt and pepper. A little sprinkle of parsley later and dinner was ready – seriously took me less than 15 minutes! James loved it and asked if I could make this for his friends when they come over for dinner…who knew leftovers could be such a hit?


Chicken marsala

March 22, 2010


Pasta carbonara florentine

February 4, 2010