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August 24, 2010

Saturday, we headed down to Venice to have brunch at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. We thought we were being smart by going late in the afternoon to miss the rush of the brunch crowd, but we underestimated the popularity of this particular place; they said they couldn’t seat us for at least an hour! We decided to walk around the block, and came across the Kogi truck at one of its usual spots, outside of The Brig. Believe it or not, we had never tried any of the food trucks before, so we decided to skip the nice brunch and try the infamous Korean-Mexican fusion treats that inspired an entire mobile food movement.

The infamous Kogi truck

Kogi dog ($5)

Kogi dog cross section

Kogi sliders ($5)

Spicy pork & short rib tacos ($2/each)

Spicy pork taco cross section

Final thoughts? It was good – our favorites of the bunch were the sliders. Was it as amazing as all of the hype would lead you to believe? Not really. Honestly, once you have the flavors for the kalbi and dwejikalbi down, you’re more than halfway there, which means that I think most Korean people (or even anyone with access to a Korean market) could make these at home pretty easily without the frustration of waiting in line or of having the truck run out of something you wanted to order – I’m looking at you, kimchi quesadilla!

We caught the tail end of their service because they had to go to a private catering event. They announced every few minutes that they would not be able to get to everyone, but would do their best. As they started to close up shop, we saw an unhappy girl march up to the window and throw a small fit about how she follows them ALL OVER and never manages to get any food – she even stomped away! I also overheard a latecomer offer to buy a couple’s food (they declined because they said it was their first time). Now, I really don’t think it’s worth all that, but I can definitely see it being a very welcome post-drinking snack to stumble on outside of a bar. Just as long as there’s no long line, of course!

Kogi BBQ


Oh! My Lady

August 11, 2010

Current K-drama:

오! 마이 레이디

I can’t tell which I’m enjoying more: watching 채림 and 최시원 together (I’m on Episode 5, and things are just beginning to get cute between them), OR watching the most adorable child I have ever seen in my entire life.

It’s a close call.


June 12, 2010

What a great game against Greece! Super tired right now, but so so happy!


I took this last night at Radio Korea Plaza, in Koreatown. They had set up a huge screen outside so that people could come together and watch al fresco. It was 11pm, and there were already people camped out, reserving their spots – the game didn’t start until 4am! We ended up going home, and watching from the comfort of our living room, but a little part of me wishes we had been part of one of the many viewing parties (Radio Korea, ESPN Zone, Staples Center) all across town. It is nice, however, being able to crawl upstairs and fall directly into bed, and not have to fight our way out of a jammed parking garage along with all of the other crazy fans!


Personal Taste

May 17, 2010

개인의 취향

My latest k-drama obsession:

I love 이민호!