Dinner with friends

November 15, 2010

Saturday night, we had plans to go out for dinner at Nanbankan with friends. We headed to Jun and Justine’s place a little early, and got to hang out with Ethan, who is definitely a little boy now – no longer a baby! Once he got past his initial shyness, he was very eager to show off all of his toys – so cute that he insists on the specific names for each type of car (“Racecar!” “Engine!” “Tow truck!”). When Jun let him take a few shots with his camera, he was concentrating so hard on getting the perfect shot – looks like a little photographer in the making.


As for dinner, the food was good – your typical izakaya fare. Some highlights of the meal were bacon-wrapped asparagus, grilled corn, chilean sea bass, chicken meatballs, and deep fried oysters. Oh yes, and of course copious amounts of hot sake and cold Asahi to wash it all down.



One Response to “Dinner with friends”

  1. chicky*bits Says:

    omg he’s such a big boy now!! so cute.

    i miss west coast sushi… but o and i had a pretty crazy meal at sushi yasuda recently. you guys would love it!

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