Colors of fall

November 14, 2010

Just a little tour of what was available at the farmers’ market this past weekend. I’m dying over the color of that yellow chard! Fall is definitely my favorite season – of course, that doesn’t really exist here in LA. It was over 80 degrees when I was out and about snapping these pictures! Really looking forward to heading back to Baltimore in a couple weeks for Thanksgiving.












3 Responses to “Colors of fall”

  1. chicky*bits Says:

    beautiful! is this the farmer’s market in your neck of the woods? i’ve never prepared anything other than standard green kale. the rainbow swiss chards are always so tempting though!

    • gulez Says:

      yes, it is literally steps away from my place – right across the street! i so want to take you!!! i don’t know what i’d do with the crazy colorful chard, but i feel like i need to find something! xoxo

  2. chicky*bits Says:

    do you guys get cooking channel in la?? omg i’m obsessed and one of my favorite shows is ‘french food at home’ w/laura calder – TRY this recipe, i’ve bookmarked w/this exact purpose in mind!

    side of fresh green salad, et voila! 😉

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