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READING: If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This

June 22, 2010

From Random House:

Written with maturity and insight, and in beautiful, clear-eyed prose, these stories plumb the depths of love, loss, and hope. A father struggles to forge an independent identity as his blind daughter prepares for college. A mother comes to terms with her adult daughter’s infidelity, even as she keeps a disturbing secret of her own. An artist mourns the end of a romance while painting a dying man’s portrait. An accident on a trip to Italy and an unexpected connection with a stranger cause a woman to question her lifelong assumptions about herself.

Brilliant, hopeful, and fearlessly honest, If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This illuminates the truths of human relationships, truths we come to recognize in these characters and in ourselves.

I used to read so much, and all the time! These past few years, I feel like I’ve really neglected reading for pleasure – maybe because I was so sick of reading stuff for work? I’m determined to turn this all around though, and go back to how things once were. I first heard of this collection of short stories via a review on NPR. I picked it up today so that I can bring it on our trip next week – some nice, light vacation reading, huh? But, well, what can you do – the heart wants what it wants!


Toy Story 3

June 21, 2010

Friday, James took me to see Toy Story 3. We were actually waffling between three movies: Toy Story 3, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, and Cyrus. I left the final decision up to James, and was honestly a little surprised when he picked the cartoon. He totally made the right choice. The movie was hilarious and sweet, clever and, at times, heart-wrenchingly emotional. I was in tears at the end (but that doesn’t say too much!). I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that I caught James sniffling too – and at a point much earlier than me!

Father’s Day in SD

June 20, 2010

Yesterday, we drove down to San Diego to visit James’s parents, and to celebrate Father’s Day with his dad.


Clockwise: driveway to the IL’s house; lemon margaritas made by FIL (MIL says he’s been making them nonstop since their trip to Cancun); pincushions they found on a hike up in the mountains; our delicious dinner (gotta love the requisite Budweiser – what says “Korean dad” more than that?!).

Happy Father’s Day

June 20, 2010


I had actually planned on being home in Baltimore this weekend, but unfortunately, back to back travel weekends just didn’t seem possible. So I’ll have to settle with sending my Happy Father’s Day wishes across the country, all the way from LA!

Smaklig måltid!

June 16, 2010

Reservations have been made for our time in Stockholm! I have never been to Sweden before (the above picture was taken on my flight to Copenhagen last year for work), so I’m really excited to explore and discover another new country, this time with James by my side!





  • Au revoir to Europe~


June 16, 2010


Friday night, James’s cousin treated us to dinner at a restaurant we’d never been to or heard of before, Kobawoo House. We got there around 7:30 and the place was packed, so we didn’t end up getting seated until after 8. We ordered 보쌈 (bo ssam), 해물파전 (haemul pajeon), some 김치찌개 (kimchi jigae), and of course a couple of bottles of OB to wash it all down. All of the food was great (I’m still thinking of that tender, steamed pork!), and it was nice to go to a non-KBBQ place in Ktown to mix things up a bit!

Kobawoo House
698 S Vermont Ave Ste 109
Los Angeles, CA 90005

June gloom

June 15, 2010




— Friday night, on our way to Koreatown to have dinner with James’s cousin.


June 13, 2010

Made these tonight while watching the basketball game. Looks like the Lakers will lose, but at least there is the lovely smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies wafting through the house! I’m going to make James take most of these to work with him so that we aren’t tempted to polish them all off in one sitting.


June 12, 2010

What a great game against Greece! Super tired right now, but so so happy!


I took this last night at Radio Korea Plaza, in Koreatown. They had set up a huge screen outside so that people could come together and watch al fresco. It was 11pm, and there were already people camped out, reserving their spots – the game didn’t start until 4am! We ended up going home, and watching from the comfort of our living room, but a little part of me wishes we had been part of one of the many viewing parties (Radio Korea, ESPN Zone, Staples Center) all across town. It is nice, however, being able to crawl upstairs and fall directly into bed, and not have to fight our way out of a jammed parking garage along with all of the other crazy fans!


My little shallot

June 9, 2010


Yesterday, James was nice enough to offer to do our grocery shopping for the week. He told me to send him a list of what I needed, and he’d pick it up in the morning. I was rushing around, getting ready for work, so I ended up just copying and pasting the ingredients lists for a couple of dishes I plan to make. I even separated the list by sections of the store to limit his confusion! I figured he was doing a good job because I didn’t hear from him. Then I got a text message.

“They don’t have thinly sliced shallots. Just whole ones. How many?”

I honestly don’t know how I kept my cool in the office, but I managed to respond that I only needed one. Later when I got home, and he was recounting his traumatic shopping experience, I had tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard and could barely breathe!

He said he had purposely left the produce section for last because he knew it would be the hardest. He ended up spending more time with the vegetables than in all the other aisles combined. When he got there, he started filling his cart with the easy stuff: 6 oz. spinach – check, 2 onions – check, thinly sliced shallots…??? He looked in the refrigerated section where they had the sliced mushrooms, and pre-diced onions – a reasonable place to begin the search, right? – but couldn’t find them. Frustrated after several laps around the area, he asked a worker – Asian, male, around his age – “Excuse me, can you tell me where the thinly sliced shallots are?,” showing him my list that he had carefully printed out. The guy, James says, stared at him strangely for a few seconds before slowly saying, “Um, we…don’t have those. Only the whole ones…over there.”

At this point, I’m literally howling and rolling on the floor, and James is asking, “Why didn’t you just write SHALLOT?? I felt like such an idiot!” I tried explaining, between gasps and giggle fits, that I had just copied and pasted the list from a recipe online, but his ego remains ever so slightly bruised. Of course, now I’m campaigning for him to do more of our shopping, if only for more stories like this! It is no exaggeration to say it was the highlight of my day. It’s even spawned a new nickname – only time will tell if it sticks! The French have a similar term of endearment – mon petit chou-chou (trans: my little cabbage), but c’mon, doesn’t mon échalote émincée (my thinly sliced shallot) sound just a tiny bit cuter?